Budget Bathroom Update

We are just beginning the planning process for updating my mom’s small guest bathroom.  She is working on a super-tight budget, so we will not be replacing the bath/shower combo or the toilet or moving around any walls. However, the vanity is white builder-grade from the early 90’s, and there is peeling linoleum on the floor, so those are two things that absolutely need replacing.

A lot of people spend lots and lots of money on bathroom renos. That’s great, if you have an out-of-this-world budget. We don’t. But I don’t think that should compromise great style. You can see, below, that it is 100% possible to change things up without spending an arm and a leg, with really classy results! If we stick to this plan exactly (unlikely, since we are just getting started–but I’ll keep you posted!), my mom will be able to have a completely updated bathroom for under $800! Don’t ever let a small budget keep you from making your home something you are proud of!

BathroomArtwork 1: $15 (plus frame)

Artwork 2: $15 (plus frame)

Floor Tile: $30 (covers 17.22 sq. ft.)

Light Fixture: $79

Mirror: $35

Vanity: $559

Shower Curtain: $29

TOTAL: $762


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