Neutrals in my Pinterest

I’m back! Lots of changes going on my life right now (new job!! and getting up A LOT earlier than I’m used to…), so I took a few weeks off to get used to things. The plan is to slowly work myself back into blogging on a regular basis. We’ll see how things go!

In my time off, I have been pinning a ton. Turns out, all of my pins are starting to look VERY similar! Neutral, neutral, and more neutral. Love it!

In other news, we have been talking about purchasing a house in the somewhat near future. Guys. I am so ready to be able to do what I want to my house without having to get every single thing approved by a landlord (who very rarely ever approves anything I want to change…another story for another day). SO, my recent pinning spree has a purpose–compiling lots and lots of inspiration for the new home, wherever it my be.







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